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About The Tree of Life Centre

                                              Our motto is: 

" Enrichment, Self-development and Knowledge Sharing Happens "

At the Tree of Life Centre we have created in the heart of Larnaca a unique space where the community can share their skill and knowledge creating fun and interesting events - a place where;

The Tree of Life Centre is an ambition to provide Cyprus’ residents with a facility that offers carefully selected events for self-development and enrichment. To achieve this goal, we have put a lot of effort in ensuring that the subjects covered will be entertaining and interesting and, above all, informative. We have built a great portfolio of people who are willing and able to share their knowledge and experience with others.  Our belief is that sharing knowledge is key, and vital in self-development, and that nothing can replace the traditional, face-to-face, and hands-on experience that comes with learning through human interaction..  

The events available at our Centre are held in the form of seminars, workshops, discussions groups, and meetings.  

Seminars - Within a seminar setting, one has the opportunity to learn something new in a subject that interests them. This usually comes in the form of a lecturer giving a presentation, and usually followed by a discussion (Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours). 

Workshops - Workshops allow participants to become fully engulfed in the learning process as part of a small or large discussion group. They engage in relevant activities and exercises, and have the opportunity to experience hands-on practice by applying the concepts that have been presented (Duration: 1 to 2 days). 

Short Courses - A short course is a combination of a seminar and workshop and runs for a few weeks or several months.

Discussion Groups - Information exchange is a key factor when partaking in a discussion group. The participants can form a better understanding of a topic within these groups as they rely on people taking a more active role in the discussions and engaging, debating and commenting.

Meetings - Enthusiasts and hobbyists can meet to partake in their shared activity, and connect and expand the practise of their hobby or passion by encouraging new members to join, thus enabling the activity to grow on the island. 

Our facility has been carefully selected because of its ideal location in the centre of Larnaca, in a rustic building on the corner of Markou Drakou and Navpliou streets, behind the American Academy school. 

A serene environment can be found within the vintage style property and its generously spaced interior, furnished in antique pieces that evoke a cosy and friendly atmosphere. Here you may choose to take a personal development course in the morning, or after work, or discover a new passion at the weekend. The Centre boasts both well-equipped and large rooms that offer comfort and tranquility, creating an ideal learning experience. 

So, come with an open mind and heart, and discover that you are only a short course away from improving the balance of the mind, body and spirit!

You will find a detailed schedule of events here on our web page, which is continually being updated. We sincerely hope you find the right course or event for you. In doing so, you will positively enhance your skills for employment and further your knowledge as well as spend your free time doing something of quality. Alternatively you can just visit the Centre for some quiet-time; relax with your book and refreshment, or meet and converse with meet like-minded individuals.


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Interview given to Mycity magazine;


1) There are still a few people who are confused as to what is the T.O.L.C, can you explain it for our audience here?

The T.O.L.C is a place where knowledge sharing happens, it’s that simple really, a place where likeminded individuals get together and either teach or learn from each other.  We encourage  knowledge sharing from any subject as long as it is of interest to the public.

2) Do you have a motto for the centre?

Yes we do, one where we believe gives a good enough explanation of who and what we are.

“where enrichment, self-development and knowledge sharing happens”


3) What is the motivation behind the T.O.L.C?

Our towns are filled with places to go and sit with friends and for the most of it, they just offer a place to simply kill some time, without really offering anything special or constructive.

We believe that learning should never not stop in our lives, there are so many beautiful things to personality discover and broaden our horizons, and so many people willing to share this knowledge.

The centre is offering this opportunity to people, a place where we can spend our free time constructively and with a lot more quality.


4) What kind of events do you offer at the centre?

This question is asked all the time and I always have a hard time trying to paint the correct image so people can get a clear idea. In a nutshell, the events offered at the centre are many and cover a lot of interesting subjects.


We teach/share a variety of things;

- Skills (chess, woodwork, home brewing, dancing, Tai-chi, etc),

- Mindfulness (meditation, yoga, relaxation, etc)

- Personal development (support groups, Therapies, holistic activities)

- Simple entertainment (open mic, poetry, comedy, theatre)

- Healthy Living (herbal teas, Juicing, raw cooking, etc)

- Rooms for rent (anyone can rent a room a host their own event, either for the public or private, as a corporate meeting place, party or training).


5) What are you most proud of regarding the T.O.L.C?

Ever since we opened our doors in November 2016, we have met some extraordinary people, and have shared wonderful experiences together, both learning and teaching.

For us who spend a lot of time here at the centre, every day has been a school day.

I’m proud that the centre has grown and obtained its own unique and original identity, and is offering to the community in many ways. The centre not only makes me proud it should make every person from Larnaka proud as well, since it is the only centre of it’s kind anywhere on the island.

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Please contact us on ‎24821921 or 95711801 if you are interested in giving a seminar at our facility OR send us a message us here

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