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Cooperate meeting and private events

Apart from our seminars and workshops we also offer other services that compliment the character of our establishment and our ethos. Since our premises is designed and furnished in such a way, our Centre is an ideal place for any group of people wishing to get-together and have small social meetings, or even for larger group gatherings, such as companies, to conduct their corporate or team-building activities. What ever the need, we can easily accommodate any size groups of people, with as many as 60 in one room, and provide them with all the required equipment, including projectors, white boards, as well as all kinds of catering to satisfy every need. No matter how large your group is, or how long the duration of your meeting, The Tree of Life Centre offers an ideal solution. 

We have three beautiful rooms to choose from: 

A largest room at the Tree of Life centre (approx 65 sq metres) equipped with surround sound, microphones, projector and white board. The room has beautiful wooden furniture and a lovely, welcoming decor. This room contains tables and chairs but can be arranged according to the requirements of the host for the event being held. 

A 50 sq metre room which has minimal furniture. In entry way there is an L shaped couch,coffee table, some chairs and side tables. On the far right there is no furniture at all. This room is used for groups who prefer a set-up of chairs in a circle, or use the floor for laying down, sitting (on yoga mats or cushions). This room is ideal for Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Shamanic Drum Journeys, Reiki meetings, etc. 

A living room style space (approx 25 sq metres), equipped with internet ready large screen t.v., with parquet flooring and furnished with comfortable couches and a coffee table. This room is ideal for smaller meetings or group sessions of maximum 15 people.  ​


Are you a therapist looking for an appropriate place to meet with your clients on a 1-to-1 basis? You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now and we know how hard it is to get established with a purposely built office your career needs, this is why we offer this service to you. Rent one of our consultation rooms on an hourly basis, and offer private, secure and professional sessions, make that special impact.

The Oak  Room

A cosy room perfectly arranged for one-to-one therapy. Equipped with a foldable and fully adaptable therapy-massage bed and two comfortable arm chairs. Perfect for counselling sessions and a variety of therapies.

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Contact us by phone on: (+357)24821921 or 95711801

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