Tree of life centre, Larnaca, Cyprus - Events, activities, seminars, workshops & much more

A little bit about us 

The Tree of Life Centre (TOLC) is a venue that provides cultural events and original learning workshops. Our ultimate goal is to provide services where knowledge and views can be exchanged between individuals who are looking for quality in their daily lives. It is an attractive option for organizing all kinds of events and an ideal venue to host presentations, workshops and exhibitions, as well as a wide range of social events.



In 2016, in the heart of Larnaca (behind the American Academy), a corner renovated house, immersed in green, opened its doors to its public. A place inspired by nature, the Tree of Life Centre, is transformed into a hub hosting a multitude of seminars and quality entertainment. Today, it has now established itself as a living cell of creation, action and communication that has been embraced and loved by the public as a unique, intimate and inspiring space.


Our Philosophy

The Tree of Life Centre (TOLC) was created with the vision of being an innovative and vibrant centre that stands out for its simplicity and use, bringing together culture, art, professionalism and entertainment. It is a place that pursues and cultivates human values and “warmth” through social activities, above all, we take pleasure in promoting the sharing of knowledge and building of social networks. We will continue to path the way in inspiring and connecting people even if it means going down paths others are reluctant to go.

Why choose us?

TOLC is a multidimensional centre with entertainment and learning as it’s core, hosting genres which include social, cultural, scientific, humanistic, arts and crafts, alternative and many more, for people of all ages.

What we offer?

TOLC connects qualified and experienced professionals to well-equipped classrooms so that you are able you to acquire new skills and unique experiences you come seek. Aimed at lifelong learning, our educational and recreational programs are tailor made for each age group. 

What we do:

- We organize events

- We provide exhibition spaces and well-equipped rooms suitable for gatherings, talks, workshops and meetings.

- We provide private rooms for business and organisation meetings.

- We help develop and implement Workplace & Employee - Wellness Programs at your own location

Tree of life centre, Larnaca, Cyprus - Events, activities, seminars, workshops & much more