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Why Trademark to your Name

As a sovereign individual, trademarking your name holds significant importance in protecting your personal brand and identity. By securing a trademark for your name, you establish a legal framework that safeguards your unique identity, preventing others from exploiting it for their gain. This legal protection ensures that you have exclusive rights to use your name in commerce, including on merchandise and products. It not only fosters a sense of individuality and ownership over your personal brand but also safeguards against potential misuse or unauthorized use of your name by others. Trademarking your name empowers you to control how it's used in the marketplace, thereby preserving your reputation, ensuring that your name remains uniquely associated with you, and offering the potential for additional income streams through merchandising and licensing opportunities. It is a strategic step in safeguarding your sovereignty and maintaining control over your personal image and identity.

What exactly is Common law Trademark 

A common law trademark is a form of trademark protection that arises from the actual use of a distinctive mark, such as a name, logo, or symbol, in commerce, without the need for formal registration with a government authority, like the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Common law trademarks offer legal rights based on "common law" principles rather than statutory regulations. These rights are established through consistent and continuous use of the mark in connection with goods or services, leading to an association between the mark and the source of those goods or services in the minds of consumers. While common law trademarks provide some level of protection, they are typically limited to the geographical area where the mark is used, making registration with a trademark office advisable for broader and more robust protection. Nevertheless, common law trademarks can still offer legal remedies against infringing parties, helping brand owners enforce their rights when necessary.

Trademarking your name through commercial usage can be a smart and lucrative choice. When you grant us a license to use your name for our merchandise, it opens the door to potential income opportunities. We'll pay you royalties for as long as you're a member on our site, and the more we sell, the more you earn. Once you've completed the online form and provided us with the license to utilize your name, we'll promptly make the products available, allowing your name to become a part of commerce. This approach offers the dual benefit of generating income while also establishing a foundation for you to claim your name as a common law trademark whenever you choose. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement that empowers you to monetize your name and solidify its legal significance.

Trademark you name with us 

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