The Goal of the project


Cyprus has a population of just over one million and a tourist traffic flow of around 3,9 million (2019)

Our target customers are individuals who want to appreciate the natural landscape of Cyprus and want to experience a more sustainable way of living, these people love the outdoors, walks, nature trails and enjoy peace and quiet. People who fall in this category of tourism, called "Wellness tourism", enjoy participating in self-development events and workshops, as well as appreciation of local culture and festivals. These people want a break from their routine and seek locations that offer a holiday that is stress-free, relaxed and comfortable in mind and body. They seek practices that help to reconnect with nature and to finding rejuvenation through good health practices. They have the need to escape from their daily routine life, seeking places to fulfill their life's desire, and be able to let go of some of their anxiety.

Although Cyprus offers a very established and diverse tourist market, it still lacks the facilities for people who want to experience a wellness type of getaway. The Chirokitia eco-village and resort will be established to offer and promote a sustainable way of living and the intimacy of a small community. 


The simplicity and quietness of the retreat will foster reflective activities and thus enhance the sort after wellbeing. The retreat is located in a quiet setting away from normal routine and responsibilities, and provides opportunities for eudemonic leisure, learning, training and reflection, personal transformation and development, as well as restoration.

The Eco-Village echos charm, while overlooking the small traditional village of Chirokitia in between a beautiful step walled valley. The geodesic domes will be part of the centrepiece,  a visual experience, scattered within the 110,000 sq metre area of the land.  They offer a wonderful living area, with bedroom, sitting area, a private outside patio, a shower, WC, workspace and large panoramic windows showcasing the surrounding landscape of the area.

Cleared natural pathways, elegantly lit at night, will enchant the landscape which will beacon walks through the hillside and in between the pine and carob trees, as well as the local indigenous herbs and flora.


Attention to detail in conjunction with the retreats integration within the unspoilt natural surroundings will clearly be the hallmark of this magical place. Pergolas interconnected with stone walled paths will offer many types of events for guests to attend, and nature trails around the area will offer calm walks for them to enjoy.


The four pillars that make up our goal;  

1. Community Life & Experience- An organized community made up of individuals who live, work or support the project. These people are dedicated to their personal growth and ecology and have a passion for sharing it with others. They are encouraged to offer their services and knowledge to the retreat and ecovillage, while also contributing to certain aspects of its upkeep. Guests and visitors are encouraged to get involved within this micro community and play an active role where possible, within communal gatherings experiences are more intense, electrifying and enlarged. This is an important aspect of what the eco-village will be offering, personal betterment within community engagement makes up the experience side of the project.     

2. Retreats -  A service offered to the overgrowing wellness tourists, encompassing strictly curated meals, supervised workouts and an emphasis on mindfulness and enlightenment.  Resident and guest specialists  will facilitate workshops and classes within the retreat,  tailor made to tackle and address many specific aspects of development, these will normally run for 3 to 7 days accordingly. 

​3. Festivals - Life is about enjoying and being festive. Festivals will be held a few times during the year. Preferably all the festivals (Music, theater, etc) will be themed accordingly to the vision of the community and local culture.


4. Events - Smaller events will be offered as frequently as possible for all guest to participate in. Introductions and tasters of what we offer,  lectures and workshops will offer subjects on ecology, sustainability, herbs, cultural and wellness and will offer a great opportunity for the local tourism to engage in.


Infrastructure of the project

The entire infrastructure of the project will be Eco-friendly and sustainable. In every operational aspect, the carbon footprint will be monitored and kept to a minimum. Among many things, the project will produce its own power, have a recycling centre, compost organic waste and landscape the land according to the natural harmony, grow in accordance to permaculture principles, produce close to zero pollution, and use as much recycled materials as possible. 

Specifications of what is offered;

  • Large land area

  • Semi-Forest location

  • Ability to cater for all ages and family circumstances

  • Close to local amenities but far away to offer a peaceful environment

  • A sustainable eco village experience

  • Daily events

  • Healthy food and snacks

  • Educational services for all ages

  • Different lodging options (Dome, glamping style or tent - as camping)

  • Nature trails

  • Support from local community

  • Spaces for large and small festivals

  • Merchandising

  • Herb festival

  • Rehabilitations programs and summer camps

  • Amphitheater for music and theater

  • Camping experience 

  • Corporate gatherings

Why a geodesic dome? 

A geodesic dome is a hemispherical thin-shell structure based on a geodesic polyhedron. The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stress throughout the structure, making geodesic domes able to withstand very heavy loads for their size. The dome shape has natural curved lines, as opposed to straight cut lines with conventional buildings. 

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a term used for outdoor living, like camping but with more facilities, a form of glamorous camping, hence the term "glamping". The domes will be equipped with all necessary living facilities to make the guest feel as comfortable as possible. 

What is an Eco-village?

A community envisions on the principles of permaculture, it emphasizes sustainability by mimicking the design of nature. Designed with cutting edge sciences, technologies and ideas to be self-sifficient in its every need. A true eco-village promotes a culture if love and cooperation in a morally decaying society. A  community with as low of a carbon footprint as possible.

Examples of some of our technologies are: Solar power, permaculture, aquaponics, composting, gray water filtration, atmospheric water generators.