Event Details 

Do not come……if you are not willing to control your life.…if you are not ready to be responsible for your life.…if you do not want to go beyond your fears.…if you do not have time to spend on yourself.…if you are coming for a name of the course.…if you want to meet a guru.…if you are seeking someone to make you happy.…if you hope to get something from me.…if you have expectations....if you are not willing to find your true self.…if you are not willing to make your wishes come true.…if you think you already have whatever you deserve.…if you are busy with your ego.…if you are just curious to find out more.…if you just want to spend your time doing something. Only come if you are really willing to find and be yourself. Please note: Due to Covid restrictions places are limited. Pre-booking is required. Call Mario at +357 95711801 to hold your spot. 

This introductory workshop has no name