The Way of Compassion and Wisdom through Reiki


The Way of Compassion and Wisdom through Reiki

Reiki: Jin-Kei-Do is a lineage or style of traditional Reiki practice emphasising the path of Reiki as a
spiritual development with health supportive characteristics.

Classes include: ⁣
* The history of Reiki ⁣
* What is Reiki & Reiki training ⁣
* How does Reiki heal and the many uses of Reiki ⁣
* 1st Degree Reiki attunements ⁣
* Hand positions for self and others, and what they influence * * Instructions for seated and table treatments ⁣
* Metaphysical body/mind relationships ⁣
* Practice of Reiki on self and others ⁣
* Simple meditation techniques for increasing energy awareness and sensitivity to energy flow. ⁣
* Basic Vipassana and MindCheck meditation practice.⁣

Book your spot now by calling:
The Tree of Life: +357 95 711801
Early bird before 22nd March: 120 euros (you must pay the FULL amount, not a deposit to get the early bird discount) 
Full price after 22nd March: 140 euros
limited seats for only 10
Payment term: 25% reservation (non. refundable), 75% Payable one week before (29th March 2020)

Saturday and Sunday 4th / 5th April 2020
from 10am to 6pm 
The Tree of Life, Larnaca

Cancellation policy:
25% deposit is non-refundable

About Steve Gooch:
Steve Gooch is the author of ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion & Wisdom’ and a regular freelance writer on the subject of Reiki. He has been involved in Reiki and other healing modalities for the past twenty years. Steve founded both Reiki Jin Kei Do UK and Reiki Jin Kei Do International, was the editor of the short-lived magazine ‘Focus: The Journal of Reiki Jin Kei Do UK’ and has taught Reiki in the UK, Egypt, Sudan and across Eastern and Central Europe. He regularly receives invitations to teach from around the world. Steve has also trained in the older system of Buddho, which dates back 2500 years, and is the system of healing that eventually gave birth to the more modern, secular system of Reiki. The Buddho system is offered to students who have advanced enough in their studies of Reiki. Steve is currently living in Cairo where he is teaching Reiki and working on a second book called 'Mindfulness Meditation & The Art of Reiki'. 

About Reiki Jin Kei Do
Reiki Jin Kei Do and other Traditions & Forms of Reiki

The energy of Reiki is the same in all traditions of Reiki and drawn from the same source. However different traditions, and different teachers having different ways of accessing that energy and some are more capable than others.

Reiki Jin Kei Do stands out as a tradition in the field of Reiki for some important points: 

●	Time after time, those who come to Reiki Jin Kei Do from other traditions, find that the attunement process (the initiation that gives you the ability to practice Reiki healing) is more powerful than anything they have experienced before. People come to Reiki Jin Kei Do from other traditions, but they never leave Reiki Jin Kei Do to go to a different tradition.

●	Reiki Jin Kei Do has a totally different emphasis to the practice to other traditions being taught outside of Japan. The system of Reiki was created in the first instance as a powerful personal spiritual development practice and NOT as just a hands-on healing therapy (this is the smallest and least consequential aspect of the system). This is how Reiki Jin Kei Do teaches it: as a personal spiritual development tool, and only secondly as a simple hands-on healing method.

●	Reiki Jin Kei Do is the only lineage of Reiki to contain the originating material that secular Reiki was developed from. This older system of spiritual development and healing is called ‘Buddho’ or ‘Buddho EnerSense’ and dates back 2500 years to the historical Buddha. It is much more powerful than Reiki, and is taught as advanced studies to Reiki Jin Kei Do students after they complete Reiki Stage 2 training.

●	In the history of Reiki, the story is told of the founder, Mikao Usui and his enlightenment experience on Mt Kurama. No one knows what the meditation was that he performed. We do and teach it in our system. 

●	Unlike so many watered down and commercialised systems of Reiki, you can’t become a Reiki Master that fast in Reiki Jin Kei Do. It takes 2 days to do level 1. Wait 2 to 3 months and then 2 days for level 2. Wait 6 months and then 2 days for the first part of the masters training, followed by a further 2 days for the second part and then a year of self-study. Within that time of taking the Reiki training you must also take Buddho 1 and 2. All Reiki Masters much have this before they can teach Reiki. So it is not easy and quick to be a teacher in this tradition. This is only for those who seriously want to engage with Reiki on a deep level – this is not possible in the other traditions of Reiki. It is for those who are interested in their own spiritual development and want to commit to it in a substantial way. It is not for those who think they can be a Reiki Master in less than a week, or even in a weekend. This is nonsense. Reiki is a deep and powerful spiritual practice. Those that come to Reiki Jin Kei Do find this out for themselves. 

●	Having taught the Buddho meditation to monks, clergy, people with extensive meditation experience and many others, it has always been the case that the Buddho is the most powerful meditation experience that anyone has ever had. Without exception.

●	Reiki Jin Kei Do is unique. It is a small lineage and will stay that way. It is not easy to get this training. I am the only person on the African continent to be able to teach it this side of Cape Town in South Africa (I live in Cairo). There are only 3 of us on the African continent who can teach Buddho. There are only about 6 of us across the whole of Europe. Most of the world does not have this lineage of Reiki. Everyone thinks they know Reiki because they have the little hands on healing system. This is the shallowest expression of the system. 

●	Reiki Jin Kei Do also teaches Reiki as a hands-on healing method, but it puts it in the proper context.

●	I am the author of ‘Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion and Wisdom’, which is the standard textbook for the lineage around the globe. I am a very respected authority in the subject of Reiki generally and of this lineage of Reiki in particular. 

●	My second book ‘Mindfulness Meditation and the Art of Reiki’ is due for publication next year. It is set to fundamentally reshape the global understanding of the practice.
●	There are no Reiki Grandmasters in this tradition because there are no Reiki grandmasters anywhere in the world. The concept does not exist in the system of Reiki and is a badge of the huge ego of those that use this ridiculous title. 

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