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The Healing Power of Ancient Mexhica Dances

The Healing Power of Ancient Mexica Dances

On: Thursday, 1st August 2019
At: 7:00-9:00pm
Tel. 95711801

We are blessed to have with us Dr. Elizabeth Torres, from whom we love to learn, and dance with.

She's an internationally renowned authority on the little-known ancient wisdom of Mexica culture (pre-Hispanic) and will share her research how important it is do dance. (Read more about her below.)

Ancient mystical traditions of Mesoamerican ritual dances have real medical benefits that can be proved scientifically, such as:
- health improvement
- increases brain connectivity
- spiritual mpowerment
- reconnectedness
- autonomy,
- revitalization
- relaxation and rest,
- and becoming energetic souls at peace.

Dr. Torres will share her intimate knowledge of the meaning and benefits of these traditional dances and lead participants into their own personal experience.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME - No experience necessary.
Contribution: €10

About Dr. Torres:
Dr. Patricia Elizabeth Torres Villanueva, Mexican national, studied psychology, sociology, philosophy at the UNAM, Mexican National Autonomous University, Linguistics at El Colegio de Mexico.

Dr. Patricia started her research career as a post-doctoral MRC Research Fellow at the Interdisciplinary Anthropological Research Institute in 1976, and has been primarily concerned on experimental investigation of intergroup relations, working collaboratively with people in their community contexts to focus on the psychological aspects of dance and rituals as a form of therapy and life enhancement in contemporary society.

She has been active in presenting her research at professional meetings worldwide and teaches undergraduate and doctoral courses.

She lectures extensively on this subject, and especially the brain enhancement through neuronal stimulation of both hemispheres, osteogenic exercise, gerontology and stress management and how important dancing in tune with nature is.

She has held visiting, research and teaching positions at several Universities in Europe and Latin America. Within her consistent research interest of cross cultural psychology, she learned ritual and healing dances from communities in New Zealand, Africa, Australia, Fiji, Rarotonga, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Colombia. Visited ashrams in India and Nepal, Zen And Tibetan Monasteries in Bhutan, Tibet, China and Japan, She began a longstanding interest in neuropsychological effects on neurotransmitters and their chemical reaction to specific rhythmical dances applied to reduce stress, depression, insomnia, migraine, anxiety and remarkable improvement of bone density as well as better performance of activities in the brain.