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Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls


    The Singing Bowls represent a Circle of Life, Circle of the Universe, they represent Everythingness and Nothingness.

    The Sound that it makes, seems like a thousand Suns shining bright.This Sound will carry you to Liberation.


    THE HEALING POWER OF TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS AND SOUND THERAPY. THE SINGING BOWL or sound massage is based on ancient knowledge of the EFFECTS OF SOUND AND VIBRATION that has been used in India and Tibet for over 5,000 years. Eastern beliefs theorise that people are DEVELOPED OUT OF SOUND, and therefore are sound.


    DURING the singing bowl therapy, bowls of VARIOUS SIZES and WEIGHTS are placed on the body or near the body and gently struck, which create vibrational sound harmonics that have a positive effect on the sympathetic nervous system. The vibrations STIMULATE the RELAXATION REFLEX, SLOWING DOWN the RESPIRATORY, BRAIN and HEART RATE and DISRUPTING the PAIN REFLEX, creating a deep sense of well-being.Our body is 70-80% WATER and water is a good vibration carrier, that is why the emitted SOUND WAVES REACH EVERY SINGLE CELL of our body. It helps our cells to REMEMBER their HEALTHY CONDITION and bring them in HARMONY and BALANCE again.IN ADDITION, the sound of singing bowls moves the brain into DEEPER ALPHA and THETA BRAINWAVE FREQUENCIES that produce DEEP MEDITATIVE and PEACEFUL STATES, CLARITY OF MIND, and INTUITION. "Modern medicine can now measure and confirm sound practice as a means to promote healing."THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING through ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, is a DEEP AND INDESCRIBABLE EXPERIENCE, that MUST BE FELT to be truly understood. It is a holistic method that appeals to the body, mind and soul, provides deep relaxation, also opens up your energetic body for positive transformation- - HEALING, REGENERATION, and RESTORATION.EXPERIENCE THIS ANCIENT HEALING ART for yourself.  

    For more information or booking an appointment feel free to call 24821921 or 95711801

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