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WORKSHOP: The Art of Fulfilling Relationships

WORKSHOP: The Art of Fulfilling Relationships

DATE/ TIME: Thursday 24/05/2018, 20:00-21:45
HOST: Matheo Galatis

Relationships are like building blocks.
We first form relationships with ourselves and then we form relationships with others. So, unless you understand the relationship with yourself, you cannot fully embrace the relationship with another person. So, from the very start of our lives, we begin to create beliefs and habits about such relationships. 

Most of the time relationships breakdown due to the lack of communication, false expectations, a build-up of unexpressed needs, and misunderstandings. By building a better understanding and embracing empowering relationships, can we face difficulties! 


Our host, Matheo Galatis will address: 
* Why the relationship with yourself is the most important relationship and how to improve it. 
* How to fill up on self-love 
* Knowing your personal high priorities and how to communicate them to your partner 
* The art of communication and how to heal communication breakdowns using a very smart and empowering approach 
* What is love and what it is not 
* Three love conductors that will enhance the quality of your relationships across the board 

This will be an INTERACTIVE and engaging session where you will engage in personal reflection and gain insights about yourself and as a SIGNIFICANT OTHER.

PREPAY & PICK-UP: €15 for 1 person OR €25 for couples before 17/5/2018 
AT DOOR: €20 for all

*** One person (who successfully uses PREPAY & PICK-UP payment method) will win ONE FREE HOUR OF COACHING on any topic he/she/they WISH! ***

***Anyone wishing to improve any relationship in their life can attend this workshop, either solo or with a friend/partner***

***We do no discriminate or tolerate any discrimination regarding gender. EVERYONE is welcome***


Matheo Galatis is an international public speaker who has delivered transformation training in many countries such as South Africa, Russia, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Singapore. He has facilitated over 3000 clients in improving the quality of their lives, he trains other life coaches and trainers and is a trainer assessor and coach examiner. 

He has integrated a number of methods and techniques to help maximise personal and professional potential including Professional Coaching (ICF), Psychotherapy, Shadow work, Trauma release, Family Therapy, Systemic Therapy, EFT, Mind Power, Energy healing, Reiki, Quantum Energy Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Applied Kinesiology, Psyche-K, Nutrition, Yoga, Numerology and the Demartini Method. 

He has worked in companies including Oracle, Loreal, Mars, Deloitte, Nedbank, Transnet and STRATE SA, on an executive and management level.

Matheo’s wealth of business experience includes being a Chartered Accountant trained at Deloitte, a director of a successful coaching company in South Africa, the manager of an international trainer and coaching academy and owning his own restaurant.

Matheo is now based in Cyprus and is actively involved in individual coaching and therapy sessions for people that want to resolve longstanding stuckness, find clarity, purpose and fulfillment in their lives and grow into their personal and professional potential. He also delivers a variety of talks and workshops on a public and corporate stage and consults companies on strategy and employee efficiency.

His mission is to stretch the boundaries of people and organisations, help them let go of limiting and outdated beliefs holding them back, so that they can achieve their truest and greatest potential in life.

Some client feedback: 

“This is truly an incredible opportunity! I can highly recommend Matheo as a coach and mentor. He provides deeply transforming sessions with loads of insights and transforming tools you can use straight away. Both in business and personal life.”
- Lina 

"Just want to take a moment to say thank you for the session yesterday. Wow what an experience I am in in awe of the work that you do. I have spent an inordinate amount of money on so many courses and books but fundamentally my issues have been much deeper. I salute you and you have enriched my life."
-Christine, Business owner 

"It was an amazing and life changing workshop! Guided step by step in a very organized and well structured procedure I finally got right in the direction of fullfilling my true desires and finding my purpose in life. After this inspirational workshop doubt is out of the way. Thank you so much for showing us the value of living an inspired life with a Purpose." 
- Chryso 

“It was an incredibly inspiring day. I left the workshop feeling relieved, full-filled and full of confidence for the year ahead. When I arrived at the workshop, I was confused, stressed and didn't know where I should give priority to in order to put my thoughts, aspirations and goals down in order. Matheos was able to guide me through a series of questions and exercises and I ended up completely naturally and without effort to have my own tailor-made template of the year which covers emotional, mental, family, work, financial, relationship and spiritual aspects.  What was truly remarkable for me was the fact that I ended up having a set of goals and desires which I didn't even know that I had and I actually realized that I didn't give any importance to until now.”
- Melina

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