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Overtone singing + circle-singing Double workshop

photo by: Noam Amir

Join us in this double #vocal workshop for a uniquely pleasant and inspiring experience for your body and spirit. 

Excellent for singers, musicians, therapists and people who enjoy listening to sounds and music. Even for those who do not think of themselves as singers, this workshop will help you in finding your natural and powerful voice. 

Besides having fun and enjoying exploring our voices, you will actually hear some sounds you might have never heard before and you will also learn to produce two tones at the same time.

🔸️10:00 - 10:15 Welcome - Opening circle
🔸️10:15 - 11:45 Overtone singing with David Mozes
                      ~ Brief break ~
🔸️12:00 - 12:45 Circle-singing with Marlia Tompazou
🔸️12:45 - 13:00 Closing circle

Overtone singing is considered to be the most magical and mysterious way of singing.

The scientific secret behind Overtone Singing is that whenever we sing a tone, this tone is a mixture of a basic tone that we can hear, and several overtones, which we do not knowingly hear, but they give the unique personal “colour” of the voice of every person, and of diverse musical instruments too. 

Overtone singing is used not only in music, but also as a spiritual practice and therapeutic method. Its influence is sometimes absolutely amazing. 

In this Overtone Singing Workshop you will learn to select and separate a certain overtone from the mixture of your own voice, and amplify it until you hear a beautiful sound you have never made before… 
You’ll start actually singing two tones at the same time!

David Mozes is a physiotherapist based in Israel with a wide holistic approach. He is exploring some of the humans' ways to stretch their capabilities, always on professional level, but also playfully, with a sense of humour. In the last 15 years, David plunged into Overtone singing, learned from masters and developed his unique way of teaching.


We come together, standing in a circle.
We just start to sing and tune in.
Before you know it, you enter a different space inside yourself, feeling free and open to share your voice and feel your heart.
This is a group music game, where we use the voice as our instrument. Participants will work with voice experimentation and sound production, improvisation and expression through spontaneous interaction. Within a friendly environment we will have the opportunity to discover the full potential of our voice and reconnect with the music nature that exists within us all, right from the moment we are born.

We use the vibrations of our voice’s sounds for relaxation, release and self-improvement in our personal journey.

When using correct breathing, we achieve stability, better focus and greater awareness. Conscious breathing causes an emotionally calming effect. It is one of the most effective methods for reducing tension and hyperactivity of the brain.

Marlia Tompazou teaches classical guitar and composes, writes lyrics, arranges and records her songs, sometimes only with natural instruments and sometimes with the help of loopers, samples and effect pedals, where the voice always plays a leading role. She is a teacher and student of yoga and recently released her first independent solo album "Ode to Self" (2017). She also facilitates healing circles of improvised music coexistence through the voice, body percussion and dance.


No previous experience is required.
Reserve your place (limited number of participants)
**100% refund if you cancel before 25th April**

🔸️35€ for the combined workshop

🔸️To reserve your place call 99379670.

To prepay, you may transfer the amount to PAYPAL account with the indication of Sending money to "Family", add your name to the Description/Comments box, take a SCREEN SHOT of the transfer and email this picture to Marlia at, or call (+357) 99 379670

2nd May Tree Of Life Centre in Larnaca 10:00-13:00
3rd May Studio Pranayama in Limassol 17:00-20:00