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Morning Yoga Class with Marilena

Morning Yoga Class with Marilena


Morning Yoga with Marilena

WHEN: Every Tuesday at 8:30 am

WHERE: Tree of Life Centre

COST: €12/ class, or monthly €45

TO ATTEND: For info or to book, call/ text 99538740.

Start your morning with purpose and intention through morning yoga classes.

A morning yoga practice is powerfully energising and invigorating, getting up and flowing through a morning yoga class may be the most reviving start to the day you can possibly give yourself.

The feelings of calmness, grounding, balance and inner peace may benefit you much more throughout the day than a few extra minutes in bed.

It’s the best way to awaken the mind and bring vibrancy to the body to set you on a great path for your day.

Dress comfortably.

Bring your mat and water!

See you there! 🧘‍♀️

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