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Juice it to Lose it!


Juice It… 2 Lose It!

Do you feel lethargic? Suffer from headaches, migraines? Trying to clear a skin condition? Do you have painful joints, or digestive problems?

Jason Vale, a.k.a Juice Master, cleared his childhood asthma, psoriasis, eczema and overweight with juicing. 

I would like to share my own experience how INCLUDING freshly made vegetable and fruit juices or smoothies helped me shed 7kg in 3 months WITHOUT cutting anything out of my diet. 

There are MANY reasons for ill health today and 2 of these are:
LACK of nutrients and an EXCESS of toxicity which in turn leads to an acidic body.

What many people are unaware of is that an acidic body FEEDS bacteria, viruses, infections, cancer cells and promotes inflammation. 

So, are your cells living in a 'fishbowl' of toxicity? 

What do I mean by this?
Modern convenience foods often lack nutrients due to being highly refined so a lot of the nutritional goodness is missing. Over the years people have merrily ingested large amounts of sugar and starch-laden foods, caffeine, alcohol, smoke cigarettes and eat very little fresh foods in comparison. The lack of exercise, oxygen (many of us breathe very shallowly) and not drinking enough water contributes towards toxicity.
On top of this we breathe in heavy metals from car exhausts and various fumes at work. Chemicals in household products plus mercury from fillings and old vaccines are found in our body. Add emotional, mental, spiritual challenges, as well as geopathic and electromagnetic stress and we are looking at a host of reasons why we’re tired, lack energy, headachy, and suffer from various ailments. 

It is no wonder our body is showing signs of “dis-ease”. So people visit the doctor. Many take a cocktail of different pharmaceutical medications to treat the symptoms, and another drug for something else, or are given a 3rd pill to counteract the side-effects of a previous medicine. More toxins for the body to deal with!

So, how can we ‘clean’ our body? The easiest is by juicing vegetables and fruits.
• Daily fresh vegetable and fruit juices or smoothies flood the body with nutrients. 
• They are absorbed quickly - within 15-30min, and give the digestive system a ‘rest’.
• Green foods are alkalizing. Fresh juices help clean the blood and releases toxins from our organs.
• It rejuvenates you, improves your health and clears skin conditions… the list is endless.

Learn how EASILY you can turn your health around. 

It doesn’t cost the earth. 

Vegetable and fruits are readily available. 

You just need a little time.

Choose to LOSE it by JUICING it!