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Guided Meditation with Marilena - Καθοδηγ. Διαλογισμός με τη Μαριλένα

Guided Meditation with Marilena - Καθοδηγ. Διαλογισμός με τη Μαριλένα


Monthly Guided meditation with Marilena Cosmic Flow

Wednesday 6th March at 19:00

Fee: €10

Duration: 60min

To attend: +35799538740

✨The cosmic journey continues next month, so join us on the first Wednesday of March for another profound meditation session. 🌌

"Trust the Universe Guided Meditation"

This guided meditation is designed to help you let go of control and trust in the universe, to release the energetic resistance you are carrying so you are able to align with your divine frequency and surrender to the natural flow of life.

You are made of energy and your manifestation and desires are also made of energy. When your energy is on the same frequency or vibration as your desires, you easily attract those desires into your life. When you carry stress, fear, worry, doubt or pressure you lower the vibration of your energy which creates resistance. This resistant energy doesn’t stop your manifestation from happening, but it does create roadblocks and it slows the entire process down. 

In order to attract what you desire you need to get into the energy of trust. Through the power of visualization, you will connect with the beauty and wonder of the universe, and learn to trust that everything is unfolding perfectly for you.

Surrendering to the Universe is about  having faith - your desires are already yours and the Universe is making sure they come to you in the right way at the right time. ✨

⏭️Next Session: WED 6/3 - 7pm⏮️

☎️ Interested? Reach out by calling +35799538740 to reserve your spot! 🌿

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