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Breathing in New Possibilities

"Breathing in New Possibilities"

DATE: Saturday 2nd June
TIME: 14:00
RESERVATIONS: 99992477 or

By bringing clarity to our thoughts and the way we breathe, it is possible to retrieve memories of long forgotten incidents from our past that limit us today in order to to help with healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening. 

During the workshop, we will connect to our personal vision and dreams, learn about conscious, connected breath-work coaching and breathe and release what no longer serves us. This interactive workshop includes a whole hour of physical breathing exercise.

The workshop will be hosted by international multi-award winner Viola Edward, Transpersonal Psychotherapist-Coach and Kayana BreathWork Coach Veronika Christodoulides. 

This is a unique opportunity having this amazing inspirational speaker in Larnaca. (Otherwise there private breathwork coaching sessions available at the Tree of Life in Larnaca by Veronika.) 

Registration for the workshop is necessary as spaces are limited.
Email:, or call 99992477 to reserve your spot.


Viola, a multiple awards winner, is Transpersonal Psychotherapist-Coach specializing in Breath-Coaching Training, Relationships, Addiction Prevention and Business Clarity, International speaker,  adult educator, (intercultural) communication trainer and author, of 2 published books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” 1999 and “Who Makes the Bed?” 2017. Now, at 59, she is based in Cyprus and enjoys taking the time to travel abroad and teach her creation of the Feminine Capital Rhythm, the Alchemy of Emotion and Relational Capital among others.  

“I have been a migrant many times in my life recreating myself every time. Creating, working, exploring and expanding in a sustainable way has been my passion since I had to interrupt formal schooling at the age of 13 and started working. Non-formal education has been my best companion and I am delighted to create spaces to learn and grow individually and in group.”

Veronika's passion is how we can enable adults to grow and expand. On this journey she graduated with a Bachelor in Media and Communication Studies, focusing on the use of digital media for learning and a Master in Continuing Adult Education/ Lifelong Learning specializing on Intercultural Competence. She then combined her strong German academic qualification and experience in the training world with being a Kayana BreathWork Coach, an amazing physical approach to personal growth. Following her values, after giving birth in Cyprus to her two Cypriot-German children, she is the CEO and co-founder of the award winning, national N.G.O. "Birth Forward". She also serves at the Cyprus University of Technology as Project Manager of the International E.U. project "Baby Buddy Forward" - a free web-App for parents and professionals wishing to enhance their transition into parenthood.