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Who's Looking Out For You?

We are all on a journey and now more than ever (post-pandemic wisdom here!) we want what's best for our families, and most importantly for ourselves. If we all took great care of our mind, body and soul, then the world would be a much better place. Agreed? Yes.

Now... we all have the best intentions... but do we materialize the amazing fool-proof goals that we have floating around in our heads? No, we don't. Why? Idk. But, I do know this...

We want to!

We need to!

We have to!

How do we do it? Well, I have a few ideas, and the top reasons I personally think I don't follow through is... lack of accountability, multiple distractions, and procrastination!

What other reasons can you help me come up with? And to finish off on a positive note: How can we remedy this? And how can we help each other succeed? We have all the resources we need (space, coaches, time, willingness...). If we were to combine our efforts, wouldn't this be a much more feasible task, both energetically and financially?

Let's make this happen!

Who's in?

- S.Ak

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