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Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names CAN hurt too.

Last Saturday night, one of the topics that came up during Philosphy Café at Tree Of Life Centre, was how a message can be #perceived completely different to the way it was #intended.

Often we unaware of this #miscommunication, which makes the situation worse.

As you become aware of this, or if you want to convey a message better, words like, "I'm sorry if this may sound..." or "I #apologise, as this is what I meant..." really work wonders. [Being 'unapologetically you' here, isn't useful!]

Other ways to minimise communication breakdown are:

- 'Listen' to yourself as you speak

- Be initially aware of others #viewpoint

- Use non-confrontational words and positive #nonverbal gestures.

- Some people just pause and wait to reply. Instead listen and #respond.

- Avoid texting if you can. [Big topic here!]

If you like discussing topics to the core, join us for the next Philosophy Cafe, on 24/10. We literally have to tear ourselves away...


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Mario LA
Mario LA

It's all about perception...

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