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Not the end of the world!

Hi Tree of Lifers, Here goes my 2nd blog (which I've written in bits, to accomodate my busy working mum-wife-Tree of Lifer lifestyle). So I'm sitting in the car waiting for mini me to finish her lesson, and I'm trying to plan out the day/ night. Thursday is such a busy day! I've made it my mission to learn to Crochet which starts at 4pm. So looking forward to completing my first project: mittens! Hopefully I can attach a pic of finished one here. Then, straight after there's djembe class, which is awesome! I can't wait! In the meantime, Mario will attend the ACIM course and when the Burlesque girls finish, we can close-up and head to a Comedy Night. Really looking forward to belly-laughing.🤣 Just finished my crochet class! Not easy adding the trim to my mitten - it's the opposite of what we learned last week. Literally! And being left handed, trying to do right handed is hard enough as it is. Mission not yet accomplished! Mrs Chrystalla is extremely patient though, and the group is so encouraging. So it's not the end of the world... Djembe class was awesome AGAIN! How I love to bang that drum, and create synchronised beats with the rest. (Note to self: Find & buy djembe drum on eBay ASAP). Seeing all this hustle and bustle happening at the Centre makes me so happy. Mario and I dreamed of this, many years ago… We always liked throwing parties for our friends in our family home and now we are doing it for real! Here's a little inside info: Did you know that Tree of Life 'tree' logo wasn't our 1st logo? We had another tree at first and when we went to Mind, Body Spirit, we saw someone else with the same one! We were like, "Uh-Oh!' so we called our friend/ graphic designer Liza and soon enough, she came up with the one we have today! Comedy night was absolutely hilarious. 😂🤣Laughter is the best medicine. My cheeks hurt! I kind of like blogging. It's better than posting one-way quotes. Next blog on Saturday… Till then, take care and keep that feedback coming so I know what you want to hear about. 🌳💚

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