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First ever blog entry by Soulla

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Hi guys,

This is all new to me, but here it goes...

I've been co-running the Tree of Life centre with my older brother, Mario and mum, Voula. Occasionally our younger bro, Andy pops in to advise us as he's got mad Business Marketing skills.

We've been very busy getting organised and most of all meeting wonderful people and learning as we go along.

Spending the day, or in my case, just a few hours at the Tree of Life is soooo interesting. Here's just a few examples:

-I walked in today to see, wait HEAR tiny Catherine's ENORMOUS belly-laughing. I peek in the Mimosa Hall and she's created a scene (spoiler alert!) from Sleeping Beauty's christening feast! This woman is incredible! She has more creativity in her little pinky than an entire corporation!

- I walk in our (new) office, and Mario's sitting there having a little chat with Helen, our friend and (Soul Infusions) masseuse. I quickly let her know, that our ToL subscriber Philip suggested a basic massage techniques class. She was happy to oblige, and it's happening soon Phil!

Now, I'm not quite sure how to get you interested or engaged, but let me ask you this:

What would you like my next blog to be about? (Leave a comment below) ANYTHING goes - so long as it's ToL related! 😂

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Mario LA
Mario LA
Feb 27, 2020

I think the best thing about working at the Tree of Life is the stuff we learn on a daily basis, maybe you can write about that, there's soo many beautiful things you can share with everyone.

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