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The Chirokitia Eco-project is committed to living in a new holistic way of life, encompassing five main aspects of our personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual development all supported within a community.  Everyday we strive to be a little bit better and be the living example and representatives of what a “Holistic way of life” truly means, and from there we share the vision with willing, like-minded individuals.

Our goal is for Chirokitia eco-village to be known as a hub to explore, incubate and nurture new understandings of nature, society and, most importantly, of self. A new social paradigm, will be set into place where old thought patterns of authoritarian, rigidity, discipline  and industrialism will be replaced with emotion and repetition of concepts of harmony, love, community and self-development.

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Everything that we do now, is a projection for our future generations, challenging us to develop our inner and outer capacity to create and explore, to find solutions, solutions that are tangible and practical, sustainable and serve a higher purpose, to make a change and a difference for us and the generations that will follow.


The ecovillage is made up of us and the people that support us, and the glue that binds us together, is the vision we all share.