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By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn. 

Get involved. It's all about sharing. 

Turn Your Passion  into a Business 

Join the many people who are currently sharing their passion whilst earning an income. Simply think of an event, let us know and we'll take care of the rest. 

Learning and self-development are our core goals here at the Tree of Life Centre, and we endeavour to offer people something they can take with them and use in life. We are motivated by sharing, and a love for what we do. If you have a skill or knowledge in a certain subject, and feel confident to share it with others, then we would like to hear about it, and if the fit is right, you may be facilitating a seminar or workshop with us soon!

Do you have a skill or adequate knowledge in a subject that you want to share with others?.

What are the benefits of being a facilitator of an event?

-  We are always looking for fun and interesting people who want to spread their knowledge. 

- Teaching is also learning, contribute to the community. 

- No costs, no risks options, if you don't give it a try , you will never know what you can achieve.

- We take care of the marketing, advertising and publications. Create an experience, invite your friends and just do what you love to do 

- Meet new and like-minded people

Join the team, become a partner and share your knowledge
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