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Ego and the higher self

Self identity is very important to our ego and it will defend the information and actions that it identifies with. Our ego is a part of our own mind that constantly tries to justify and maintain its sense of self. It attaches itself to the information and concepts we adopt in life, and if anyone or anything challenges those ideals we usually feel turbulence and cognitive dissonance.

Our willingness to adopt new ideals and patterns helps our ego to become more flexible, more we practice allowing our ego to let go and adjust to new information the easier it will become.

Sometimes we try and get other people to identify with the same information that we identify with, just because subconsciously we are looking for a scenario to justify our own ego. Trying to get another to accept and embody that same information that you identify with is just a ploy the ego takes to make itself feel more powerful and solid.


Our higher selves know that each and every path is righteous and time will heal all wounds, and to remain patient with those who choose other paths that you do not choose. Our higher awareness is at peace with other people's lives and choices because we can unconditionally love in all situations and in all people.


Allowing everyone to live and make their own choices so that they may have their own experience is the true way to evolve. The ego tries to control and manipulate others for its own self validation. The higher self holds space and allows others to grow freely without personal attachment to how, when, what, where, and why. The ego projects, compares, labels, and confuses while the higher self embraces, loves, unconditionally supports, and understands. The ego will try to course correct and control someone else's experience in life due to a limited perspective of right or wrong.

The higher self accepts and allows one to experience their own life in their own personal way.