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How to make the most out of your course

Read full course details before booking

Make sure you read the full course outline and fully understand the what the course is about, what subject is being covered and what at level it is before you book.  Each course has a description that tell you everything you need to know about the it.

You can also contact the programme facilitator if you can't find an answer to any of your questions.

Visit Us

Come and vitist the centre, get a closer fell and understanding of the place. Meet us. 

Attendance matters

You will gain the most from your course if you attend every session. Missing one can make it hard to take part fully later. Course outlines tell you what you can expect to achieve – this assumes that you are present throughout. However, we appreciate that absence is sometimes unavoidable. We recommend you contact the department running your course if you will be absent.

Some courses may have a minimum attendance requirement – please check your course documentation.

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