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We are a group of people from all walks of life who have teamed up to turn an 87 acre valley into an eco-village.  Our dream for this beautiful place is to turn it into a sustainable eco-community. While doing so, we want to involve and share our experiences with guests from all around the world.


It's all about sustainability, community and culture, or how we like to call it: Love in Action!


We are based near the ancient village of Chirokitia, located 20 minutes drive from the three main cities,  Nicosia , Limassol and Larnaca.

Our intention for co-creating this eco-village began in December 2019 when a small group of people decided that it could and most probably will be the ultimate way of transformation, both individually and collectively. 

We are all currently working this great project together, intuitively and organically, to offer a place that is dedicated ultimately to spiritual growth. 

The essence of spirituality

is awareness with wisdom.


 We are very aware that we have a fantastic  opportunity and we are eagerly opening up to the world-wide community as we ask people to join us in this journey, using old and new technology, good intentions and devotion.


Together we can close the gap

between reality and paradise.


Right now, we are offering weekend events that serve as fundraisers and in the Fall these events will evolve into retreats, where one can come stay (camping) and enjoy enlightening, life changing experiences throughout the day feeling and reaping the benefits of a long forgotten community life. 


We invite people who share the same vision and path to come here, with love in their hearts to build a legacy!

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