About us and the eco-village


Our driving force behind this project, is pure Love, and keeping it as simple as possible,life is nothing more than that.  Striping away all the complexity biasis that we as humans have is the first step, there is nothing complete about being human, being spiritual, living together and being happy, there is only Love. 

We are Love in action and the most beautiful thing about this journy we have taken is that, even though we dont know where it is taking us, already it has shown us amazing things, beautiful self discoveries, and loving bonds. 

We are committed, active and accept the responsibility.    

Its time we all started becoming action oriented do-ers,

finding and creating oportunities towards the next level.    

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Community life & Experience

An organized community made up of individuals who live, work or support the project. These people are dedicated to their personal growth and ecology and have a passion for sharing it with others. They are encouraged to offer their services and knowledge to the retreat and ecovillage, while also contributing to certain aspects of its upkeep. Guests and visitors are encouraged to get involved within this micro community and play an active role where possible, within communal gatherings experiences are more intense, electrifying and enlarged. This is an important aspect of what the eco-village will be offering, personal betterment within community engagement makes up the experience side of the project.     


Community Garden
Gourmet Meal
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Building Homes


Our goal is for Chirokitia eco-village to be known as a hub to explore, incubate and nurture new understandings of nature, society and, most importantly, of self. A new social paradigm, will be set into place  where old thought patterns of authoritarian, rigidity, discipline  and industrialism will be replaced with emotion and repetition of concepts of harmony, love, community and self-development.

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Group Discussion
Adorable Kid Holding Chicken

Retreats and Festivals

Our retreats and festivals are carefully selected and designed to be an experience to remember.  We believe that everyone should have the oppurtunity to step away from their every day life and enjoy time in nature, reconnect with the magic that is life!  Whether through music, art or food, we want to be able to provide a day or even a weekend full of exploration, love and joy. The eco-village is proud to have one of the only man-made  ampitheatre carefully crafted into the natural terrain of the land, which is able to fit up to 300 people.  Plus many other areas that have been naturally crafted , while keeping respect for the natural landscape.

Stage Setup
Outdoor Wedding Band
Group Stretching
Outdoor Movie

Infrastructure of the project

The entire infrastructure of the project will be Eco-friendly and sustainable. In every operational aspect, the carbon footprint will be monitored and kept to a minimum. Among many things, the project will produce its own power, have a recycling centre, compost organic waste and landscape the land according to the natural harmony, grow in accordance to permaculture principles, produce close to zero pollution, and use as much recycled materials as possible.

Our land has an extensive horticulture history, filled with milestones and creative decisions that have shaped the layout and collection of plants are blessed to be sharing.

Solar Panel
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